Nolan to create ‘actual hurricane’ in latest apocalyptic film

Christopher Nolan realises the only way to make his new apocalyptic film, ’2073’, is to cause global warming the hard way.

“We can’t use special effects” Nolan added

The visionary director stands before a charred field of burning tyres. Stretching as far as the eye can see, the rubber debris are being set alight by Nolan’s crew, in the effort to ditch CGI in favour of more traditional methods.

“By doing this we’re actually releasing a huge amount of CO2. We’re hoping it will be enough to help cause a natural category 8 hurricane due to global warming, no CGI, which we can use to film for the climatic storm chase scene.”

Leonardo Dicaprio arrived via private jet while we were onsite, taking up his role as global warming expert and advisor to Nolan

“We realise the cause effect timescales on the climate can be years, we’ve baked this into our production schedule.” Leo adds.

Nolan and Co realised that they’d have to take this project abroad, due to European and the US regulations on various practical effects he’s using in the film.

“US Regulations authorities really weren’t too onboard with the tyre burning idea. So we’ve moved the production to China, where nobody gives a shit.” Nolan told us, surveying a particularly flammable chunk of tyres at the edge of the field.

“It’s worked at least a bit. We’ve raised global CO2 levels by 1.2-2ppm, hopefully helping to cause that hurricane we need for the film in the next few years”

Next on the list of ideas is a non-CGI, real full blown wildfire in the Australian outback. By employing a desperate expat worker to start the fire, Nolan’s crew think they can get the perfect scenario for some absolutely top notch special effects, while also avoiding prohibitive local laws

“A lot of filmmakers use gasoline to create fires or even processed wood, making it essentially a fake fire. The idea here is to create a real fire which is consuming wood & vegetation”

Environmental groups and some politicians have come out against the idea, claiming “wildfires devastate local wildlife and rural areas”. 

One things for sure, it’s a debate with two sides and nobody can say who’s got the upper hand. If all goes to plan we can see the infamous filmmaker winning possibly another Oscar if he can pull off that all important wildfire.


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