Imagine being offered an eyepiece which is linked up to an orbiting satellite telescope, ‘here take a look’ an excited astronomer blurts. You kneel down and squint a little as the rubber seal blocks out the background light of the room, an image crystalises; a tiny dark blue orb floating beside a relatively huge, burning […]

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Climate Change? Yolo

Trumps antics are already ticking the internal doomsday clocks of just about every rational agent on the planet. I’ve even heard rumours that some Orangutans are worried. And perhaps the biggest of all the worries is the big T’s complete disregard for renewable energy/climate change. It’s making headlines globally at the moment, and we’re merely […]

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42 is the answer

Douglas Adams’The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy garners a fair slice of modern pop cult references, and perhaps its most famous ‘bit’ is the answer to the ultimate question of the universe, the meaning of life and everything, 42. In the book a supercomputer called Deep Thought calculates this answer over a period of 7.5 […]

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Neuroscience & Meditation

  Your brain is one the most complex objects in the known universe, and in terms of synapses it’s at its most complex when you’re about twelve months old. This early phase is a critical moment in your development, your mesh of neurons is being worked at by the chisel of experience, to reveal the […]

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